He threatened to publish her naked pictures.. Details of the suicide of a student from the tenth floor of the pyramid


Mustafa Bakr

Posted on: Friday, October 15, 2021 – 2:38 PM | Last update: Friday, October 15, 2021 – 2:38 PM

The Public Prosecution Office in South Giza is investigating the suicide of a university student after she jumped from the balcony of her house on the tenth floor in the Haram area in Giza.

The prosecution requested additional investigations by the detectives about the incident to determine the circumstances and circumstances of the accident.

Initial investigations indicated that the girl jumped from the tenth floor in the Haram area, after her boyfriend threatened to publish nude pictures of her on social media.

It turned out that the girl was a student at a tourism and hotel institute, and had an illegal relationship with a young player in a famous club, and a student at the Aviation Academy, and pictures were taken of her dishonorable, and he threatened to publish her pictures after she refused to complete the forbidden relationship between them.

Investigations stated that the girl decided to commit suicide by jumping from the tenth floor in the Haram area after the accused threatened to send her nude pictures to her father and she breathed her last.

The Al-Haram Police Department received a notification of the death of the student, in the department’s department, the security services moved to the place of the report. On examination, it was found that the victim – 18 years old, was a student at the Institute of Tourism and Hotels. By examining her phone, it was found that she was in an illegal relationship, which caused her to commit suicide.

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