He used his friend to rape his sister.. the story of a “brother” who betrayed the trust for the sake of


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Saturday 02 October 2021

Dakahlia – Ramy Mahmoud:

The parents died and she worked to raise her siblings since childhood, until they reached the age of raising guardianship, so one of them decided to plot a diabolical ploy to force his older sister to sign papers waiving her inheritance after he agreed with her to go to the real estate month to make agencies to start the procedures for dividing the inheritance and lured her into a car with the help of his friend to rape her And shoot a video of her

In a faint voice and tears flowing, E., the 29-year-old woman, narrates the details of the unfortunate incident she was subjected to at the hands of her younger brother, M., who is 21 years old, after she drafted the record No. 9416/2021, the first administrative officer of Mansoura: that her brother asked her to get up to get ready to go. Together, they go to the real estate registry to make agencies to give up the parents’ apartment and land in order to sell them and divide the estate.

The victim says: “He told me to wake up so we could go to the real estate month to make agencies, and an hour later he came to the apartment and sat with me for about a quarter of an hour, and came down with me, and he took my bag as well, and I locked my son and we went down.”

The young woman looks at the sky crying and tries to recall the painful scene, saying: “I was surprised by an angel’s car of dark color standing and a driver in it wearing a hat. My brother stopped and went down to be surprised by him. He asked us to go to another real estate month near the village of Minya Sandoub in the Mansoura center, claiming that a friend had acquaintances in that interest and could complete our tasks in a few minutes in order to quickly return to my son, whom I left alone in the apartment, and I agreed.

The victim continued recounting the incident, confirming: While they were walking, she asked her brother to stop in front of the West Mansoura neighborhood to inform the officials there about some of the agencies that had been prepared by the other’s sister. It is not a legal power of attorney to sell so that a new contract for the apartment can be delivered in my name.”

The story continued, saying: “After we left the neighborhood, my brother replaced his seat. Instead of sitting next to his colleague who was driving the car, he sat next to in the back seat and kept complaining about his wife’s illness and her need for microscopic injections due to the fact that she had not given birth since their marriage of 3 years, so she took 5 thousand pounds from the bag. I gave them to him and told him, “But we can finish the issue of the agencies.”

As the victim’s narration continued, her wailing mixed with tears became louder as she recalled the situation, saying: “During our conversation inside the car, the driver started moving in the direction of Mansoura Road, and my brother asked him to search for an empty place in order to relieve his need to stop near the drinking water and sanitation company. My brother asked for The driver of the car, his friend, got off under the pretext of looking at some of the things in the trunk of the car, and they went down together, and I spoke to my son at the time this minute, and the first time I closed, they both opened the two doors that saw them once and entered me and I was surprised that my brother and his owner were satisfied with me “by Aviz”

And she said: “My brother’s friend hit me in the shoulder and stabbed me on my brother and my brother grabbed my hands, held me with lashes, and gagged me with a medical tape, and his friend took my bag and pulled out a leg for a while. It happens and I slander them until my brother takes out a brochure and hits me in the head.”

She pointed out that with the continuation of her resistance, her brother began to inform a friend that this matter did not work, saying to him: “You will not come except as I told you. Prepare yourself and see a good land. There is no one and come down, let us be saved.” You work in it, and he broke my brain and slept on me on the sofa of the car and began to take my clothes off my body and asked his friend to rape me.”

As she continued to resist them, she started screaming, but her voice caught the attention of some passers-by on the road, to stop and try to save me. My brother assures them that he saw me with someone in a dishonorable situation and disciplined me, but some were able to save me, and the police came to the rescue, and we were taken to the Mansoura police station, and a report was drawn up on the incident. The Public Prosecution Office is conducting its investigations

She concluded her speech that her older brother was behind the planning of the accident with the help of their two younger brothers, noting that upon her return after editing the report of the incident, she discovered through the surveillance cameras that her other brother had reached the house and tried to lure her son from the house to kidnap him and pressure her by another means in order to leave her right to her family’s inheritance.

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