He will participate with Bayern in the cup.. Hernandez survives the feeling


Lucas Hernandez, the defender of the French national team and Bayern Munich, evaded a prison sentence in Spain as of tomorrow, after announcing today that his appeal against the ruling had been accepted.

The Madrid Regional Court announced today, Wednesday, the acceptance of Hernandez’s appeal against the sentence of six months in prison.

Hernandez was sentenced in 2019 for violating a restraining order against him and his ex-girlfriend, now his wife.

After considering the appeal, the judges suspended the execution of the sentence for a period of four years, which means that the player will not be imprisoned if he did not commit any crime during this period.

A non-exposure order was imposed against Hernandez and his girlfriend after a violent incident in 2017, when he was a player for the Spanish team Atletico Madrid, and the order stipulates that he is not located within a specified distance from her.

Then they were arrested upon their return to Spain together, and they had been married.

This was considered a violation by Hernandez of the restraining order, while it was reported that his ex-girlfriend, who is now his wife, would not be punished because the original ruling had not yet been sent to her.

In Spain, non-confrontation orders remain valid even in the case of reconciliation because such orders forbid any kind of forced reconciliation.

The 25-year-old was informed that he would have been subject to a prison sentence in Spain, starting from Thursday, if the appeal had not been considered by this date.

Court officials said that hearing the appeal within the specified period was not guaranteed, but Hernandez, who won the 2018 World Cup with the French national team, escaped imprisonment and can now continue to participate with Bayern Munich.

Despite the pressures of the legal process, Hernandez spent the best period of his professional career playing for Bayern Munich, and was supported by Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann.

Hernandez, who is the most expensive player in the Bundesliga with a value of 80 million euros ($93 million), is expected to participate in Bayern’s match against Borussia Moenchengladbach scheduled for Wednesday in the second round of the German Cup.


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