Hebrew “Channel 12”: exercises on the possibility of attacking Iranian nuclear facilities



Israeli Air Force

The Hebrew “Channel 12” reported that the Israeli Chief of Staff, Aviv Kohavi, instructed the Air Force to conduct exercises on the possibility of attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities, after the training stopped two years ago.

وحسب the channelIsrael realizes that military action must be taken in the event of the failure of the nuclear talks, and perhaps also in the United States, and an understanding was reached that a military plan must be prepared in the event of the failure of the political channel with Iran, noting that it is a real, effective and practical option.

He added that the timing of the move is not a coincidence, and it comes amid US efforts to bring the Iranians back to the negotiating table.

She continued, saying that the Chief of Staff now not only instructed to increase the intelligence-gathering capacity and build updated operational plans, but also instructed the Air Force on the basis of these plans to begin training and restore this capacity in an orderly and gradual manner.

She stressed that this directive will be dealt with by the army and the air force with great intensity.

The Hebrew channel indicated that 5 billion shekels will be allocated to build the offensive capacity of the Israeli forces.

It is worth noting that at the height of the Israeli discussion of two parallel tracks on the Iranian file, namely, the extent to which Israel is able to wage war with Iran and target its nuclear facilities by intelligence or military methods, and the debate about the correctness of the Israeli position regarding Tehran’s approach to building a nuclear bomb, the Israeli government approved in a special session of the Council The Mini-Security Ministerial Council agreed to allocate a budget of five billion shekels to be transferred during the 2021 and 2022 budgets (one and a half billion dollars) to equip the army and build a military capacity to attack Iranian nuclear facilities.

In the first phase of spending the budget, Israel will allocate a not small amount to ensure that the Air Force is provided with the necessary equipment and trained in the most dangerous scenarios facing nuclear facilities.

A military intelligence budget will also be allocated to ensure the most accurate and up-to-date information prior to directing the operation and to ensure an extensive intelligence database and target bank.

By approving this budget, the government is practically adopting the position of Chief of Staff Aviv Kohavi, who warned against the delay in responding to Iranian efforts, and even spoke of three military plans in order to thwart Iran’s nuclear project.

Source: Israeli media

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