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01:17 PM | Wednesday October 13, 2021

Al-Ahly honors the volleyball team after entering the Guinness Book of Records

Al-Ahly honors the volleyball team after entering the Guinness Book of Records

The club’s board of directors decided Al Ahly Headed by Captain Mahmoud Al-Khatib, honoring the first volleyball team, which has achieved many achievements; Whether at the local or continental level, the team entered the Guinness Book of Records.

This comes within the framework of the board of directors’ support for the club’s sports teams, and motivating them to achieve more victories and championships with the start of the new season.

Al-Ahly continues to honor its collective teams

The board of directors honored the first handball team after winning the Egyptian Cup and the African Cup Winners’ Club Championship, as well as the first basketball team after winning the Arab Club Championship for the first time.

For his part, Mohamed Moselhi, technical director of “Rijal” said: Al-Ahly plane“The team is on the cusp of a very difficult season, competing for many tournaments that the players and the technical staff strive to win and make the fans happy.

Al-Ahly volleyball coach: We are on the cusp of a difficult season

The technical director of “Al-Ahly’s Airmen” said that the preparation period that started during the past hours is witnessing a variety of physical exercises, with a gradual physical load with the return of international players, especially in light of the ambiguity of the situation regarding the dates of the new season competitions, which deprives the technical staff of Develop a final plan for preparation.

Moselhi indicated that “Al-Ahly’s plane men” enter the new season with very big ambitions, and seeks to present a historic season by winning all championships, stressing that he trusts the players’ personality and their ability to fulfill the aspirations of the masses, pointing out that “Al-Ahly plane men” always strive to win. In all the tournaments he participates in.

He added: “With the start of preparation for the new season, I must thank the club’s board of directors headed by Captain Mahmoud Al-Khatib, as well as Captain Raouf Abdel Qader, Director General of Sports Activity, for their continuous support to the team and their quest to provide all the necessary for the coming period, after contracts were signed. Very strong, the latest of which was the inclusion of American professional Jarrett Mwajatotia.”

The technical director of “Al-Ahly Jet Men” said: “Mwajatotia is a very distinguished player and he had many offers with greater numbers than what was agreed upon with him, and the credit for this is due to the speed and professionalism with which the board of directors dealt with this file, and we hope that he will provide the expected return. With the team in the next stage.”

Moselhi hinted that the next season will bring many challenges, especially after the retirement of Abdul Latif Othman and Mahmoud Raouf, as well as the difficulty of competing in various tournaments, stressing that the responsibility has doubled and falls on everyone’s shoulders in order to win all the championships in the new season.


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