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09:44 AM | Thursday 14 October 2021

They say .. a new shock for Zamalek and a surprise in the punishment of Shikabala and the injustice of Queiroz

Mahmoud Abdel Razek Shikabala, Zamalek player

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Zamalek threatens to suspend registration for three more periods

The media, Medhat Shalaby, revealed a resounding surprise to Zamalek, noting that the International Football Association “FIFA” may move to stop the registration of the White Castle for three new periods, due to his crisis with the Portuguese club Martimo, after he violated the terms of the contract between them to include Mohamed Ibrahim: “If 45 days have passed since non-payment, there will be a suspension of registration of 3 more periods, starting from January 2022.” Details of the news here

A breakthrough for Zamalek in the crisis of stopping Shikabala

Zamalek channel revealed that the penalty for stopping Shikabala for eight matches is on its way to being canceled, due to the Football Association’s violation of the laws, while issuing the penalty against the Apache, after he ignored his summons to investigate him regarding the crisis: “There is information that the Settlement and Arbitration Center confirmed that in the event The Grievance Committee did not summon Shikabala for investigation before issuing the penalty, which will be a clear legal violation in the provisions of the regulations, and therefore Shikabala’s sentence will be suspended.” Details of the news here

Salah’s obtaining the captain’s badge is an unfair decision

Hossam Hassan, the former Al-Ahly star, believes that Mohamed Salah’s obtaining the captain’s badge with the Egyptian national team is an unfair decision for the old players among the ranks of the Pharaohs, indicating that Carlos Queiroz’s decision was incorrect: “There is a very great injustice in Mohamed Salah obtaining the captain’s badge, Players fight to be senior and get the captain’s armband, this is his right to take it from him, I have my children and grandchildren I want to be proud of them in front of the captain’s badge, whether in the club or the national team.” Details of the news here

The Zamalek Committee runs the club to ruin

Reda Abdel-Aal, the former star of Al-Ahly and Zamalek, opened fire on the Zamalek committee, due to the failure to reach solutions to eliminate the crises that the white team has been experiencing over the past period, from his point of view: “The committee runs the club to ruin and not to the right path, how do Carteron and Al-Naqaz return to the club? again after they escaped? All the problems of the Zamalek club end when there is an elected council, we are waiting for the next elections and the stadium is open to all.” Details of the news here


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