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09:48 am | Monday October 18 2021

They say... Sassi's return to Zamalek is a shock to Musimani and Abu Trika's

Pitso Mosimane, coach of Al-Ahly

“Al-Watan Sport” provides a service to its readers and followers every morning, which is “they say” in order to shed light on the most prominent statements of sports stars and the latest developments in the transfer market and various files, whether related to local competitions “The Egyptian League, Egypt Cup”, or continental championships, Or Egypt.

Mido presents the idea of ​​Ferjani Sassi returning to Zamalek

The media, Ahmed Hossam Mido, believes that Ferjani Sassi’s return to Zamalek again will benefit the team, indicating that he does not mind returning at the present time, especially since he left the White Castle after the expiration of his contract: “I do not mind Sassi returning to the Zamalek club, especially He left after the end of his contract with the team, unlike Hamdi Al-Naqaz, who was and am still against his return to Zamalek, because he left in a bad way in the past. Details of the news here

Pitso Mosimane is not commensurate with the size of Al-Ahly

Nabil Maaloul, the former coach of Esperance and the Tunisian national team, shocked Pesto Musimani, after he stated that Al-Ahly’s performance under the leadership of the South African coach is not commensurate with the value of the red genie: “Mosimane’s thinking with Sun Downs by playing on counter-attacks is not befitting the capabilities and capabilities of a club. As big as Al-Ahly club.” Details of the news here

Midos message to Aboutrika after withdrawing from the analytical studio

The media, Ahmed Hossam Mido, sent a message to Mohamed Aboutrika, analyst of BNY Sports channels, after withdrawing from the studio during the Newcastle United and Tottenham match, in the eighth round of the English Premier League, during which he stressed the latter’s haste in that: “The role of the analyst is to analyze the events and benefit from them.” And the attempt to transfer the positive from it to our country .. Aboutrika should have stayed in the studio and conveyed to the viewer his point of view on what happened and how the players were the ones who demanded the referee and paramedics to take care of the injured fan .. Aboutrika hurried .. God was with Tariq Diab.” Details of the news here

Reasons for freezing Al-Ahly and Pitso Mosimane negotiations

Magdy Abdel-Ghani revealed the reasons for freezing the negotiations of the South African Pitso Musimani and the Al-Ahly club management, noting that Mahmoud Al-Khatib, the club’s president, prefers to postpone the negotiations after the completion of the elections: “Al-Khatib’s decision comes after the recent negotiations between Al-Ahly and the technical director witnessed a clear disagreement regarding the coach’s requests. South African to renew his contract with the Red Castle. Details of the news here


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