How did the most accurate secrets of the group leaked to Al


The Brotherhood has opened an investigation to find out how Secrets, conversations, texts and messages are leaked Among the group’s leaders, through secret groups, for the “Al” website.

The Organization Office in London accused the Mahmoud Hussein Front in Istanbul of leaking accusations made by the front’s leaders to Ibrahim Munir, about the recent elections, their results and procedures, and letters to the front’s leaders and threats declaring their intention to dismiss Munir based on his violation of the decisions of the General Shura Council and the group’s regulations. By leaking that information to Al

This comes hours after the Brotherhood’s “Al-Hiwar” satellite channel, which broadcasts from the British capital, London, interviewed Ibrahim Mounir, the acting general guide of the Brotherhood, to talk about the group’s recent crisis, and the splits that struck its ranks, where he talked about the details of the crisis and his attempts to mend The rift, revealing the changes he made to make a corrective movement for the group’s path.

Review the program presenter, before starting the interview A few days ago, Al was alone in a news story Before the group announced the schisms that had occurred in it, and the conflicts between the two fronts of Mahmoud Hussein in Istanbul, Turkey, and Ibrahim Munir in London, details of the conflicts between the two fronts were revealed.

The program presenter asked how to arrive Information published in the news For the “Al” website, and how did it leak?! He revealed that there is a “group” on the Telegram website called “the basement” that includes the leaders of the Istanbul Front, and it included secret talks between the leaders of the Front about the elections, the exchange of accusations between the two fronts, and the joining of some members and youth of the group to ISIS, all of which were published on the site.

He added that this group includes only Brotherhood members and is affiliated with the Istanbul group, and is supposed to be secret. He wondered: If this group includes only Brotherhood members and non-members of the group are not allowed to join it, how did you infiltrate and leak information, conversations and full texts of the leaders’ messages to Al He asked his viewers and members of the group to answer his question.

During the satellite interview with Munir, the group’s acting guide confirmed the existence of major and deep differences with the Istanbul group and their rejection of any reconciliation initiatives with him, and said that he was responsible for mistakes within the Brotherhood at home and abroad, accusing Mahmoud Hussein, the former Secretary-General of the group, of not providing him and informing him of information. correct in order to make sound decisions.

He added that the crisis within the group had ended – according to his claim – announcing the appointment of Osama Suleiman and Suhaib Abdel-Maqsoud as new official spokespersons for the Brotherhood after the dismissal of Talaat Fahmy, the former media spokesman affiliated with Mahmoud Hussein’s front, stressing that the previous generations and the elderly had ended their role in the group, and that The recent elections brought young people and the flag must be handed over to them.

In a related context, information obtained by revealed that the Mahmoud Hussein group arranged to hold a press conference within hours in Istanbul, announcing the appointment of the latter as the group’s deputy guide and charge d’affaires instead of Ibrahim Munir.

The information indicated that the leaders of Mahmoud Hussein’s front are now communicating with many Brotherhood elements in different countries to hold meetings that result in the formation of a supreme administrative body that takes over the reins of affairs in the group and dismisses Ibrahim Munir and the London office and appoints Hussein as a deputy in his place. Egypt and the families of some of the group’s leaders, including Shaimaa, the daughter of the ousted president, Mohamed Morsi.

According to the information, Morsi’s daughter may participate in the conference to be held to appoint Hussein as deputy guide with a video declaring her support and the family’s support for the Istanbul Front and the General Shura Council, and what was supported by a post written by the ousted president’s daughter on her account on Twitter, in which she said that their order was “a shura.” Among them, there is no hearing or obedience to those who transgress the shura, ignore it, or gamble with it, and I have no obedience to those who ask us to surrender or impose it, and accordingly I, as an active member of the Muslim Brotherhood, support the decision of the general shura with everything that is stated in it in whole and in detail.

The information revealed that so far, the Mahmoud Hussein Front has refused to hand over the files and papers of the group, its investments, companies, money, and the Turkish office to the London Front, awaiting the outcome of the meetings that are being prepared for it to appoint a higher authority for the group, or the arrival of documented and confirmed messages from the group’s leaders in Egyptian prisons to resolve the conflict in its favour and support its decisions.

Al had On October 6, he revealed the differences between the Brotherhood’s members In Turkey and the beginning of conflicts and schisms in the ranks of the group, where the conflict raged between the fronts of Ibrahim Munir, the acting guide of the Brotherhood, and Mahmoud Hussein, the former Secretary-General, after the first decision to dissolve the administrative office and the Shura Council.

The differences between the two fronts of the conflict escalated due to two main issues that have become the depth of the crisis in the group, namely the elections of the office in Turkey, which took place recently and witnessed many challenges to its results and procedures, and the lack of recognition by the Mahmoud Hussein group, which includes Medhat Al-Haddad, Saber Aboul Fotouh, Mamdouh Mabrouk, and Abdul Rahman Fathi. .

Hammam Ali Youssef, a member of the group’s Shura Council, who was responsible for forming its electronic committees outside Egypt and is currently fleeing to Turkey, sent a message to Ibrahim Mounir, the acting guide, in which he criticized the latter, and demanded that he hold an urgent meeting of the General Shura Council in order to discuss the election crisis in Turkey and stop Differences, as well as declaring his non-recognition of the new office in Turkey and his complete rejection of any measures it takes.

Mounir decided to freeze the membership of Mahmoud Hussein, Medhat Al-Haddad, Muhammad Abdel-Wahhab, Hammam Ali Youssef, Rajab Al-Banna and Mamdouh Mabrouk, denouncing the actions and procedures they took, according to his claim – to split the ranks of the group – and stressing that everyone who participated in any actions that split the Brotherhood ranks considers himself outside the group. Brotherhood.

A large number of the group’s leaders in Turkey, the majority of whom are violators of Mahmoud Hussein, supported Munir’s decisions, describing the decisions as coming after 8 years of failure and abuse, misuse of institutions, emptying the General Shura Council and manipulation by Mahmoud Hussein’s front.

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