Ibn Shams Al-Baroudi: My mother demanded not to respond.. And the person who attacked her made history | Video


The artist Omar Hassan Youssef explained that he asked his mother, the retired artist Shams Al-Baroudi, not to respond to comments that dealt with her artistic history on social media in a bad way.

In a telephone interview with the media, Amr Adib, on the “Al-Hekaya” program on MBC Egypt, Omar Hassan Youssef explained the reason for his mother’s response to the recent comments, saying: “I sent her the news, so she entered the link, so she read the comments and saw what people wrote, including I read She replied. There is a need like this. I told her, don’t hesitate, you make a value for people. And to whom Shams Al-Baroudi replied, he entered history.”

Shams Al-Baroudi was surprised by comments that included criticism and insults from some, after circulating the news of her return to the spotlight again, through a documentary film prepared by her son, artist Omar Hassan Youssef.

Omar Hassan Youssef added that the project was initially about the life story of his father, the artist Hassan Youssef, and developed into a film project or a documentary series about the life of his father and mother, and it is not considered a return to her for acting.


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