Ilham Shaheen with Yousra, Lebleba and Laila Elwi from the show “Rishes” at the International Film Festival


01:31 AM

Monday October 18 2021

Books – Hani Saber:

Actress Ilham Shaheen was keen to attend the screening of the movie “Rishes” at the fifth edition of the El Gouna Film Festival, along with the artists: Yousra, Laila Elwi, Lebleba and director Enas El Deghaidi.

Shaheen posted a picture while attending the show on her Instagram account, and commented: “In the screening of the movie (feathers), which won an award at the Cannes Festival.”

The film “Feathers”, directed by Omar Al-Zuhairi, won the Vibrisi Award for Best Film in parallel competitions, to be the second prize to win at the 74th Cannes International Film Festival after the grand prize in the International Critics Week competition.

Feathers is the first feature film directed by Omar Al-Zuhairi. It witnessed production cooperation between France, Egypt, the Netherlands and Greece, and received support from many international bodies during its production stages.

Omar Al-Zuhairi co-authored the film with scriptwriter Ahmed Amer, about a mother who lives in the care of her husband and her children, a life that does not change and days are repeated between the walls of the house that she does not leave and does not know what is going on outside, and one day a sudden change occurs and her husband turns into a chicken, during a birthday celebration The youngest son, the magician errs and loses control and fails to return the husband who was managing all the details of this family’s life. This violent transformation forces the inactive wife to take responsibility in search of solutions to the crisis and restore the husband, and she tries to survive what is left of her small family, and during these difficult days the wife passes A cruel and absurd change.


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