In 11 governorates… the workforce announces 1,600 job opportunities with salaries up to


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Mohamed Saafan, Minister of Manpower, announced the provision of 1,406 job opportunities for males and females, including for people of determination and determination, in all specialties and various functional sectors, with rewarding wages of up to 5,000 pounds in some professions and according to the applicant’s experience.

According to today’s statement, job opportunities include health and social insurance, through 64 private sector companies and factories in 11 governorates, to be filled during the month of October.

The minister said that the bi-monthly employment bulletin issued by the ministry includes these opportunities, which come in implementation of the “Decent Life” initiative, pointing out that it aims to present all jobs available in the private sector and is submitted on the website The National Employment Agency”, under the name “Job Seekers Program”, and the competent department will nominate applicants for opportunities according to their experiences registered in the program, to provide suitable opportunities for the applicant to exploit the energies of youth for the benefit of society.

The minister explained that these opportunities are available in 11 governorates: Cairo, Qalyubia, Assiut, Gharbia, Dakahlia, Suez, Damietta, Qena, Menoufia, Alexandria and Sharqiya.

Saafan pointed out that the job opportunities available in Cairo are 33 primary, preparatory and secondary teachers, 4 commercial accountants, a design engineer, 3 mechanical engineers, 3 electrical engineers, 45 nursing specialists (roles – dialysis – care – sterilization operations) and 6 nursing assistants, 7 male and female nurses, 3 sales officials, 15 production workers, 14 sales representatives, 5 chemists, 14 quality controllers, 8 security personnel, 11 cleaners, 18 second license drivers and 12 sales drivers 27 workers of determination to complete the 5% rate, 2 storekeepers, 30 machine workers, 6 store workers, 5 cashiers, 8 corridors workers, 3 fabric processing technicians with a salary of 4000 pounds, 5 assistants, and 4 An iron worker, 2 machinists, 5 engravers, 15 relays and a sewing machine maintenance technician.
The minister added, “The available job opportunities in Sharkia Governorate are 11 advertising agents, 35 production workers with a salary of 2,700 pounds, 30 sewing workers, 20 assistant workers, 30 packing workers, 20 laundry workers, and 2 second-class drivers with a salary of 3000.” EGP, 3 cleaners with a salary of 2,500 EGP, 3 service workers, and 46 workers to complete the 5% rate.

Job opportunities were also provided in Suez and Damietta, represented by 20 security personnel with a salary of 2,860 pounds, 30 production technicians, a salesman, a store worker, and 10 service workers.

In Alexandria, there are 2 quality engineers, 10 customer service supervisors, 10 marketing specialists, 3 quality controllers, 18 production workers, 17 salesmen, 5 security supervisors, 2 plastic production technicians, 4 chefs, and 3 municipal butchers. , 7 cleaners, and 10 store workers.

In Qalyubia, it included: 5 sales managers, 20 sales representatives, 3 electronics technicians, 20 quality controllers, 43 drivers, 50 machine workers, 160 production workers, 15 technical assistants, 8 storekeepers, 12 store workers, and 10 more workers, 5 commuter workers, 22 service workers, 5 security personnel, 20 sold and a delivery representative.

There are a number of jobs in Menoufia, including: 4 mechanical power engineers, 40 financial services specialists, 20 finance officials, 7 legal representatives, 5 quality specialists, 11 production workers, 3 warehouse workers, 5 ovens and kneaders, and 20 packaging workers. , and operator of heavy equipment, and 20 guard workers.

In Gharbia, job opportunities included: 40 individual insurance and bank agents, 3 science and English teachers, and 4 production workers.
In Dakahlia, there are 47 job opportunities available, including: 2 quality engineers, a sales officer, 35 production workers, and 9 service workers.

The Assiut Manpower Directorate provided job opportunities that included: 10 female specialists, 2 English language teachers, and 5 credit specialists.

As for Qena, it has provided various job opportunities in many fields, including: 2 sales representatives, 3 credit officers, a collector, an advertising representative, a drug order recorder, a sawing machine operator, and 3 door and window carpenters.

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