In an official statement, Musimani: This person does not represent me and my relationship with Al-Ahly does not need words


Pitso Mosimane, coach of Al-Ahly’s first football team, expressed his dissatisfaction with a person named Hazem Al-Hadidi, who speaks in his name in the media, and claims to be his agent.
Musimani added, in statements reported by Al-Ahly’s official website, that Al-Hadidi is not his agent and has no relationship with him of any kind, and did not give him the right to speak in his name, and even met him only once when hosting him on one of the channels, claiming that he was responsible for producing the episode, and therefore what came In the words of Hazem Al-Hadidi regarding him, “i.e. Musimani,” he is not responsible for him, does not know anything about him, and does not know why he is doing all this, and that he will inform the club’s management to take measures to stop this person, and his words about his contractual relationship with the club.
He said that matters with Al-Ahly no longer need words, and what was agreed upon with the administration with the consent of the two parties was announced to the media officially and clearly, and there is nothing new to talk about, and the relationship between us continues with all love, cooperation and mutual trust, and that the goal is one and that The interest of the team, and its current focus with its players and its assisting apparatus on achieving victories and championships and making Al-Ahly fans happy, especially in light of the support and support it receives from the club’s management and all those who love Al-Ahly.

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