“In Art” reveals the details of the work that deals with the life story of Hassan Youssef and Shams Al-Baroudi | news


Omar Hassan Youssef, son of Hassan Youssef and Shams Al-Baroudi, revealed the details of the work he is currently preparing and dealing with the life story of his parents.

In statements to FilFan.com, “Omar” said that he had a work idea, whether a movie or a documentary program about the life story of Hassan Youssef and Shams Al-Baroudi, and so far there is no production body for the work or contracts have been signed, but he only has the outlines of this work.

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He pointed out that the work had been his idea since 2016, and that he had obtained approval from Hassan Youssef and Shams Al-Baroudi, and continued: “I want to carry out this work very carefully, so there is no way that even 1% of the work will go wrong.”

She stated: “I will use a great writer who will write the script for the film and is currently searching for a suitable production authority, and it is possible that the work will be shown on one of the platforms as a witness or Netflix, and both Hassan Youssef and Shams Al-Baroudi will appear in the work, talking about themselves, and not as it is reported that it is an artistic return. for my mother.

It is noteworthy that Shams and Hassan married in 1972 after a love story, and they had 4 children, Nariman, Omar, Abdullah and Mahmoud.

Hassan had stipulated that his wife Shams, after marriage, not submit any artwork except with him, and this is what happened, until she announced her retirement in 1982.

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