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Friday, October 22, 2021

I wrote – Shaima Morsi

Photography – Alaa Ahmed

Many stars managed to catch the eye over the 7 days of the El Gouna Film Festival, whether with a strange, simple or daring dress story, but there is always a view that captures the hearts of the masses, and fashion critics call her the “Queen of Red Carpet”, so who is the Queen of Red Carpet during the 7 days of the festival ? This is what designer and fashion consultant Zainab El Shorbagy reveals in exclusive statements to “Masrawy”.

First day:

The fashion designer says that the artist, Dora, deserves this title during the opening activities of the festival.

The fashion consultant expressed her admiration for Doras choice of hairstyle, classic makeup and jewelry from (IRAM jewelry), which were very successful.

the second day:

Zainab explained to “Masrawy”, that the artist, Dora, is the queen of Red Carpet on the second day of El Gouna, and she appeared in a Disney princess dress on the red carpet in light gray, signed by MAISON YEYA, the story of the corset, and this helped to sculpt the body, which highlighted its strength in an aesthetic way.

And she continued, as the dress is embroidered with silk threads in the form of roses and branches in pastel degrees, as well as the length of the dress is relatively short and fluffy.

The fashion designer expressed her admiration for the artist’s choice of Doras jewelry, designed by YESSAYAN JEWELLERY, and her hairstyle, makeup, shoes and bag made her like princesses, and they were very successful.

the third day:

The fashion designer, Zainab Al-Shorbagy, says that the artist Mayan Al-Sayed is the one who deserves this title on the third day of the El Gouna Festival.

Actress Mayan El-Sayed grabbed the attention on the red carpet in a light gray midi-cut dress that highlights her graceful body.

Zainab told “Masrawy”, that Mayan is the most beautiful view in terms of her presence, her laughter, and her very simple dress.

The fashion designer described her look as simple and beautiful.

The fifth day:

The fashion consultant and designer, Zainab Al-Shorbagy, said that the artist Mayan Al-Sayed deserves this title during the fifth day of the festival.

Zainab explained to “Masrawy”, that “Mayan” appeared with a distinctive look that caught the eye, and sparkled in a classic black dress characterized by attractiveness and high taste, consisting of a black crop top and a high-waisted black pocket, and Mayan adopted a strong makeup, and chose a hairstyle that fell on her shoulders.

And she continued: The design of the dress was distinctive and made her look like Disney princesses, and despite the simplicity of her appearance, her laughter and presence attracted attention to her.

the sixth day:

It is the artist Arwa Gouda who deserves this title, as she wore a look signed by Jimmy Maalouf

She appears, and the hairstyle with the high shoulders cut showed her confidence and the high neck cut accentuated the beauty of her neck, in addition to the jewelry with hand bracelets made her royal look simple and elegant.

the seventh day:

The artist Dareen Haddad is the one who deserves this title, as she caught the attention in a short dress specific to the body of shiny metal, with a one-shoulder story with a wide shoulder and a long, wide sleeve that fell with a wide cut on the waist to highlight her strength in an elegant way, and she also completed her look with wavy hair with evening make-up and simple jewelry. .

The fashion designer explained that the appearance of her dog, named “Fandy” with her, highlighted her more.

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