In El Gouna.. the end of the Yusra crisis and the director of the festival with an apology


Only a few hours after a huge fire broke out in the venue for the opening of the El Gouna Film Festival, the festival makers held the press conference that had previously been announced.

The conference was attended by all the founders, including the two brothers, Naguib and Samih Sawiris, the artist Yousra, a member of the festival’s higher advisory committee, the artist Boshra, the chief of operations, and Intisal Al-Tamimi, the director of the festival.

It seems that the dispute that took place between Yusra and Al-Tamimi’s recovery a few days ago had a share of the story, and the details of the dispute go back to Al-Tamimi’s talk about her in a press interview, and his indication that the festival finds it embarrassing to honor her because she occupies a position in its management.



Yusra met the matter with a categorical rejection, and issued a statement in which she responded to the festival director, and despite that, the duo met and sat together at the press conference.

For his part, Naguib Sawiris commented on the incident, stressing that Al-Tamimi’s statement was not successful, and he could have stated his point of view without including Yusras name in the conversation.

He stressed that Yousra has a very great value to the Egyptian and Arab public, which was supported by Al-Tamimi, and he publicly apologized to Yousra, for the discomfort he caused her.

Al-Tamimi took advantage of the matter and went to Yusra, where she sits and hugged her to exchange hugs, and categorically ends this dispute, and Naguib Sawiris joked, saying that the festival director created the dispute for the sake of this reconciliation.

Festival press conference

Festival press conference

Samih Sawiris, founder of El Gouna, considered that the film festival and its establishment last year, encouraged many international festivals to continue in light of the Corona pandemic, especially since the El Gouna festival succeeded and did not cause the spread of infection.

Sawiris explained that before coming to the press conference, he was keen to visit the injured Opening theater fireAnd he reassured that they are in good health and on their way to leave the hospital, noting that they tried to put out the fire with their own hands, which indicates their strong love for the festival.

For his part, Naguib Sawiris responded to the saying that “the festival is the seller of sweet dresses,” and stated that some reduce all events to the red carpet only, stressing that those who repeat these words did not come to El Gouna and watch the festival, and only follow through on television, and stressed that The festival resonates all over the world.

While Samih Sawiris confirmed that the El Gouna Festival has become so attractive and mature that it will not pay him to offer money to international stars in order to attend the festival, considering that the festival has become convincing for everyone.

As usual, Naguib Sawiris joked with his brother Samih, when the latter mentioned that he was a mechanical engineer in the first place. Naguib replied to him, saying: “I have no understanding of mechanics at all.”

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