In pictures, this is how Egypt celebrated the sun’s alignment with “Abu Simbel”


The event was witnessed by the Egyptian Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, 50 ambassadors and a large crowd of citizens, who followed the exciting phenomenon.

A phenomenon occurspilgrim the sun in temple Abu Simbel Twice every year, one on October 22, and the other on February 22 of each year, and these two dates have their significance. The first means the beginning of the harvest season for the ancient Egyptians, and the second means the season of flooding and agriculture.

and perpendicular Sun rays On the Holy of Holies in the Abu Simbel temples, after penetrating the front corridor of the entrance to the Temple of Ramses II, with a length of 200 meters.

And the miracle remains, if the day of the sun’s perpendicularity is deliberately determined before the sculpting process, because this requires complete knowledge of the origins of astronomy and many calculations to determine the angle of deviation of the axis of the temple from the east, next to the miracle in architecture that the axis is straight for a distance of more than 60 meters.

And the miraculousness will increase if we realize that these calculations were made on sound astronomical, geographical, topographical and mathematical foundations and principles more than 3300 years ago.

The orthodox began at 5:52 am and lasted for 20 minutes.

The participating foreign ambassadors were keen to take a group photo of them with the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities in front of the Temple of Nefertari, while they were holding their country’s flags in their hands.

This came within the framework of the activities organized by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities in Abu Simbel on the occasion of The phenomenon of the sun’s perpendicularThese events began on Thursday with a lecture given by Khaled Al-Anani on the two temples of Abu Simbel, during which he addressed their history and the great story of the campaign to save the Egyptian temples to build the High Dam, where more than 20 temples and shrines were moved in cooperation with the organizationUNESCO“.

The Minister also highlighted, during the lecture, the most important developments in the tourism and archaeological sector in Egypt, and the steps that Egypt has taken to preserve the health and safety of citizens, tourists and workers in the sector.

He reviewed the most important precautionary measures and health safety controls taken by the Egyptian state and implemented with accuracy and seriousness in hotel and tourist establishments, noting that these measures were developed in accordance with the standards of the World Health Organization to confront the repercussions of the Corona virus.

The minister talked about that the Egyptian tourist destination is safe and unique in its excellence throughout the year and in its unparalleled tourist and archaeological potentials.

He said that it offers the tourist a unique tourist experience with complete safety, during which he enjoys the picturesque beaches of Egypt and its wonderful, sunny and healthy atmosphere, in addition to enjoying the ancient Egyptian civilization and its unique monuments.

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