In the manner of a press phone thief, the seventh day… El Gouna players imitate the incident, “video”


Karim Tarek and his colleague Amr Tarek, the El Gouna player, imitated the position of the thief who stole a journalist’s phone on the seventh day during the past two days, and he was arrested hours after his crime.

Karim Tarek appeared on the official page of El-Gouna by talking to the audience about their first match in the league against Ceramica, and then in a comic situation, Amr, riding a “motorcycle”, hijacks Karim’s phone in a comic situation.

In a related context, the Public Prosecution ordered to refer the phone thieves of colleague Mahmoud Ragheb Al-Sahafi on the seventh day to the urgent criminal trial, where the Public Prosecution received a report on the nineteenth of this October of the theft of his mobile phone while he was filming a clip during his work, and the Monitoring and Analysis Unit in Al Bayan Department monitored At the Public Prosecutor’s Office, a clip filming the incident from the journalist’s phone was circulated on social media, in which the culprit appears in the event he committed the incident, so the Public Prosecution took over the investigations.

If I watched the aforementioned clip, it became clear that it started with the victim’s speaking on the events that took place on that day, then the scene changed to show the accused while he was riding a motorcycle. The General Police investigated the incident and reached its perpetrator, and they found the perpetrator of the incident and were able to seize him independently on the motorbike used in the incident.

By interrogating the Public Prosecution, the two accused confessed to committing the incident, and the thief admitted the correctness of the appearance of his face in the circulating clip, and the victim recognized the aforementioned during the investigations, and accordingly the Public Prosecution ordered that they be imprisoned for criminal trial.

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