In the presence of the masses .. Revealing the stadiums hosting the Club World Cup


Aref Al-Awani, Secretary-General of the Abu Dhabi Sports Council, revealed some details of the upcoming Club World Cup, which will be held in the UAE after Japan’s apology for hosting.

Al-Awani said in statements on Ontime Sports: “This is the fifth time we host the Club World Cup, and yes, this is the first time that an Egyptian team participates. Abu Dhabi”.

He added: “The tournament was attended by a mass audience, as the precautionary measures that took place during the epidemic period had a good treatment from the UAE and we coexisted with the high measures, and today many of these measures have been lifted as a result of the large vaccination campaign that exceeded 20 million individuals, and I think that there is no one in the Emirates.” He didn’t get vaccinated.”

On the UAE’s success in obtaining the honor of organizing, Aref said: “The matter has nothing to do with competition as much as the International Federation depends on its relationship with the various federations in this matter, and the Abu Dhabi Council cooperated with the UAE Federation and with international institutions in hosting many events and this contributed a lot to that file”.

And he continued: “The medical relations and reputation are the ones that tipped our scales. There was an emergency circumstance and everyone must cooperate after Japan’s apology, and FIFA resorted to the institutions that it dealt with and succeeded with before.”

He continued, “The stadiums will be in Abu Dhabi, and they are the two stadiums of Mohammed bin Zayed and Al Nahyan of Al-Wahda Club. This tournament is always held in only two stadiums, and FIFA has seen the stadiums secretly a month ago on an inspection visit.”

Aref Al-Awani concluded: “The date of the tournament, as the FIFA President stated, will be in the first quarter of next year, and as we know, there is a crowded calendar and a compressed schedule, but there are 3 proposed dates for the tournament, from which the FIFA Competitions Committee will choose, and the International Federation is the one who will announce because that is their specialty.” “.


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