In the video, here Shiha talks for the first time about the crisis of her sister Hala with her father: Social Media is the reason


The actress refused here is a shiha She blamed her sister, Hala, after her argument with her father, the plastic artist, Ahmed Shiha. She said that the battle ignited because “some people fished in troubled waters” and she had to respond to a solution through social media, because she witnessed the crisis since its inception, and said that she did not have the right to assess the position of a solution nor to intervene in the matter. Her decisions, even with advice, because she is accustomed to respecting the privacy of others.

here is a shiha
Hana Shiha and her sister Hala – Photo from Hana Shihas Instagram account

Hana Shiha added, during her meeting with the “A Last Word” program, presented by the media, Lamees Al-Hadidi, on the “on” screen, that some media outlets worked to distort the statements issued by the two parties and put them in another context and direct the dialogue to serve other purposes.

Here, she confirmed the strength of her relationship with her sister, Hala, after the recent controversial decisions, describing her as “the sweetheart of my heart.” She also supports it forever.

And she continued: We are so confused… No one enters into the special needs of others.

She indicated that her father, the plastic artist, Ahmed Shiha, has a special place and no one disputes it. She said: Ahmed Shiha is an entity alone that is much older than his daughters.

She added that she and her sister Hala belong to him and not the other way around, and she said: This is an important need to say to all the people who talk about the father of the artist, Hala Shiha.

And she continued: Hala, here, Rasha, and Maya are the daughters of the international plastic artist Ahmed Shiha.

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