In the video, Naglaa Badr: Fustani is not naked, and the “Trend of Excitement” is insulting


Described by the artist Naglaa Badr It was issued by the most searched trend on social networking sites after her exciting appearance at the opening ceremony of the fifth session of the El Gouna Festival with the “humiliating”, and confirmed that she is seriously considering leaving the festival, because she is basically not looking for the trend and does not want fame with a dress, but with her artwork, and said that her media work taught her How to avoid a clash with her audience, and revealed the reason for the dress to appear naked, even though its design is the opposite.

Naglaa Badr
Najla Badr’s appearance at the opening of the El Gouna Festival – the photo is especially for my lady

Naglaa responded to the continuous attack on her appearance and accusing her of searching for “the trend” through a telephone interview with the media, Amr Adib, for the “Al-Hekaya” program, broadcast on MBC Egypt, saying: I am facing this situation for the first time in my life, and I did not mean that my dress would be a subject of controversy as it happened. The dress is not exposed, so my chest was not visible as well as half of my stomach and the other part of the dress was long and with a neck and long sleeves, and I did not see that the dress was worth all the fuss… .

Naglaa Badr indicated that the lining of her dress is made of materials that digital cameras do not show, and this is what caused the controversy. .

She added: The international specifications of evening dresses are known and that they are open, and we try as much as we can and leave it locked.

She continued, saying: Festivals address a specific group, not all people, and Red Carpet in any festival is a fashion and fashion show, and I like that the audience’s evaluation is for my art, not the evaluation of my dress or appearance.

Najla Badr refused her accusation of looking for excitement and snatching the light from the rest of the Red Carpet stars and said: I did not come down in this dress to draw attention or steal lights and cameras, and if I knew that I would be insulted, I would have done what I wanted, or I would have cut the second sleeve, adding: I cared about the presence of a lining With all due respect to fellow artist.

When asked about the appearance of the closing ceremony and whether it would be the same excitement, she said that she is seriously considering leaving the El Gouna Festival as soon as possible, and added: I heard strange comments, like it was glued to my computer and it does not fall, I am a fan and I will not complete the festival. Collision with the audience, and drawing attention is not my job and not my thinking.”

She concluded her speech by saying: I chose the sweetest dress, not the most nude, nor the most controversial, and the fashion designer Farida Tamraza is known for her artistic line that seeks universality.

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