In the video.. the series, except for me, without guarantee, episode 6 .. see the date of its presentation


The audience of the series, Ala Anna, is waiting for the presentation of a story without guarantee, episode 6, after the interesting events that took place in the fifth episode when it was shown last Wednesday, where it ended with an escalation of the situation between Hanadi Mhenni in the role of Maryam and her husband Islam Jamal in the role of Sharif.

It is assumed that episode 6 of Hekaya Without Guarantee will be shown in the series “Except Me,” tomorrow, next Saturday, corresponding to October 8, 2021, at exactly eight o’clock in the evening, and it will be shown on the DMC channel screen, and it will be shown from Saturday until Wednesday throughout the period. the week.

While the episode will be repeated at three o’clock in the morning and twelve thirty in the afternoon on the DMC channel, while the series will be shown in the replay on the DMC Drama channel, at exactly eleven in the evening, and the replay at nine in the morning, and four in the afternoon.

It is considered a story without guarantee, and it is the third story of the second part of the series “Except I”, and the story is from a script and dialogue by Youssef Waguih, directed by Yasmine Ahmed Kamel, and starring Hanadi Muhanna, Hajar Ahmed, Islam Jamal, Salwa Othman, Ahmed Kishk, and Jala Kishk.

A tale without guarantee, in 10 episodes, revolves around the family crises facing the newlyweds, and sheds light on some of the problems that arise between Maryam and her husband Sharif because of the family home, and the interference of his mother and sister in their lives.

And also the story of Ola, the artist Hajar Ahmed, who discovers after marriage that her husband is unemployed, and relies on her to support him, and then suffers from beatings, humiliation and drug addiction, and the events follow.


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