In “Zahra Salon” … a happy ending for Nadine Nassib Njeim and Moatasem Al-Nahar in the style of ancient Egyptian films | news


The Lebanese series “Zahra Salon” by Nadine Nassib Njeim and Mutasem Al-Nahar has ended on the Shahid VIP platform, and will be shown soon on MBC screens.

The end was happy for the audience of the series, who lived with the tales of “Zahra” and her friends, as it was similar to the endings of ancient Egyptian films.

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Here are the highlights of the latest episode:

Save the hero and forgive him

In the series, Anas is kidnapped because he did not pay the mafia men the money that he was smuggling out of the country. Zahra searches for the money and finds it and frees Anas through it.

After discovering his truth, a month passes, and Anas returns and apologizes and forgives her, so that the happy ending, and to the tunes of “Ring Al Mazhar” to celebrate their marriage, the scene will bring you back to you the films of Hind Rostom, Tahia Karioka, the idea of ​​a drug dealers gang and the quarrels that happen, then the happy ending of the heroine of the work.

her daughter’s appearance

Zahras daughter, Yasmine, appeared in front of everyone without explaining how she told her family about her existence, and we know that no one knows anything about the girl, but in order for the ending to be happy, in the manner of old films, the family is reunited without justification.

Joseph’s disappearance

Do you remember in the ancient Egyptian films when there is an old lover of the heroine who regrets leaving her and tries to get back to her, but when he finds her living happily with another person, he withdraws, this is what happened with the character of “Youssef” suddenly disappeared and no longer exists and we do not know where he went, Let the viewer think of his fate.

There are no evils among us

Also, as in the black and white films, tolerance prevails in the last scene, and whoever was evil and cruel becomes kind-hearted, and his features and even his clothes change. and forgive him.

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