Inam Salousa on the authority of Salah Al-Saadani: He is very smart and taught me the secrets of the camera, even though I am older than him


With love, affection and gratitude, the great actress, Inaam Salousa, spoke about the mayor of the drama, the great artist Salah Al-Saadani on his 78th birthday, and he shared the success with her in the Layali Al-Helmeya series, and together they presented the duo of Wasefa and Mayor Suleiman Ghanem through 5 parts of the most famous, most successful and popular Egyptian drama series.

As soon as the name of the artist Salah Al-Saadani was mentioned, the great artist smiled and broke her silence and her desire to stay away from media statements and said in special statements for the seventh day: “I say to the great artist Salah Al-Saadani every year and you are good, and may God bless your hands with health and return again to art and the public.”

And the great artist, Inaam Salousa, speaking with love and gratitude for the mayor of the drama, continued: “I owe him many things, although I am older than him, but I learned a lot from him. And camera angles, and he tells me his observations so that my viewers come out in the best possible picture, as he is an expert in the arts of photography, lighting and cameras, in addition to his great talent.”

And the great artist continued: “I was always keen to catch the character and integrate into it and to act well, and sometimes I missed some details about the direction of the camera, lighting, and the right angles, so he was guiding me gently, and our scenes together were all laughter, so the great director Ismail Abdel Hafez made these scenes at the end of filming “

Wassifa continued her talk about Mayor Suleiman Ghanem: “We worked with some 5 parts in Layali Al-Hilmeya, and another series, in which I was playing the role of his sister, and I felt how generous, classy and kind the artist Saadani was with everyone, whether colleagues or workers, I did not see him angry no matter what happened. He did not quarrel with anyone or be a party to any problem, an ideal, polite person, a refined artist, an intellectual, and his mind is present.

She added: “This generation is educated, a reader, and has an idea and culture about everything, and this I saw in Saadani and the leader, Adel Imam. They always read and search for information in books, and for this they continued and innovated.”

Today, the great artist and mayor of drama, Salah Al-Saadani, celebrates his 78th birthday, as he was born on this day, corresponding to October 23, 1943.

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