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Thursday 14 October 2021

I wrote – Asmaa Morsi

The stars of art always grab the attention with their appearance on the red carpet of the El Gouna Film Festival, and coinciding with the launch of the fifth session on Thursday evening, we will recall with you the boldest looks during the past sessions.

– Heda El-Etreby

The artist, Hoda El-Etrebi, starred in an elegant block that caught the eye, as she adopted a long velvet dress with a bold chest cut and a long leg opening.

She coordinated with the look soft accessories, consisting of a necklace and diamond earrings, and chose a clutch in the same color as the dress, and adopted her hair styled lifted up in the form of a bun.

– Raniya Yousif

The artist, Rania Youssef, chose a long dress with a cry of one should, with a bold cut at the chest area, and a long leg opening, made of transparent chiffon fabric fully embroidered.

Stephanie Saliba:

Lebanese actress Stephanie Saliba chose a long black velvet dress, with an open back, with a long leg at the back.

– Marihan Hussein:

The artist, Marihan Hussein, wore a black jumpsuit, with a bold chest story, and a long leg opening on both sides, and she coordinated with her look a silver clutch, with accessories consisting of a collet and bracelet, and she adopted a ponytail hairstyle.

Zainab Gharib:

The dress of the rising actress Zainab Gharib was distinguished by its soft design, with a V-shaped opening, with an open back, decorated with a belt at the waist in the same color as the dress and with a bold leg opening.

– Human:

The artist, Bushra, drew attention in one of her looks at the El Gouna Festival, wearing a light pink dress that revealed the chest and waist areas, and it was made of three materials, namely crepe, chiffon and goubeir.

The dress was provided with a long extension and placed between the two sides of the dress, and Bushra relied on holding a pink bag the same color as the dress containing silver embroideries.

– Nahed El Sebaei:

The artist, Nahed El Sebaei, also drew attention to her by wearing a white dress consisting of a white top that reveals the chest and abdomen, and from below it is a short lace pocket topped by an extension with chiffon fabric.

Arwa Gouda:

The artist, Arwa Gouda, chose for one of her appearances at the El Gouna Festival to wear a black dress, which is a short top that reveals her stomach and chest, and is engraved with gold inscriptions.

Arwa relied on golden accessories that match the pattern of the dress, and grabbed a small bag resembling a bottle.

Sarah Al-Tunisi:

The artist Sarah Al-Tunisi, Miss Arab for 2017, also appeared in a bold blue dress without sleeves, consisting of a corset embroidered with sparkling grains, and a wide and fluffy skirt with multiple layers, as the design was exposed from the chest and back area.

She completed the look with a matte black clutch, and chose the flowy hair styled on both sides, and adopted soft makeup and focused on the smokey eyes.

– Nicole Saba:

The Lebanese actress Nicole Saba grabbed the attention in a sparkling silver dress, with the very popular metallic trend, and the dress was distinguished by a bold, unconventional design exposed at the chest area with a collar at the neck similar to a necklace, connected to the abdomen area with a thin black accessory decorated with simple drawings, dedicated to Nicole from the fashion house. la bourgeoisie”.

– May life:

The artist Mai Omar also sparked a state of controversy because of her bold look, as she wore a dress in a light purple color, with a high one-shoulder cry, with materials that mixed between jubayer and chiffon, with a long leg opener.

She adopted a random flowing hairdo, and soft makeup that accentuated her calm features.

Jamila Awad:

The actress also wore Jamila Awad, a short red one shoulder dress, with an elongation on one side, with an uneven cut and a bold cut out design. She coordinated with the look a silver bag, adopted strong make-up, and wore simple accessories consisting of earrings and bracelets, and left her hair hanging down.

– Razan Maghrabi:

Also, the artist Razan Maghribi wore a long dress in the color of the baby blue, one shoulder, with a bold cut at the waist area, and a long leg opening, and coordinated with it a silver clutch, and shoes in the same color, and she adopted strong makeup, and elegant accessories consisting of a bracelet, a ring and a earring, and left her hair hanging down.

Georgina Tawaf:

The artist Georgina Tawaf also caught the eye with a bold look on the red carpet, and Georgina wore a long, gray dress, and the design was characterized by a transparent chiffon fabric from the top, fully embroidered, with a pocket with a bold leg opening, and an open back.


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