Instagram adds a new feature to avoid live video playback errors


If you’ve ever attended an Instagram live video session, you know that the first two minutes are for the host and guests who sync. Sometimes everything goes smoothly, but other times it’s just a mess.

To avoid live video startup errors, Instagram is adding a new feature called “training mode”, which will allow you and your guests to join the live video before it’s broadcast to your followers, according to TheNextWeb.

This will help you set up the video and check the sound, light, and stability of communications so that it looks like a professional production when it goes live. The company said a training mode feature will be rolling out soon.

Instagram is also launching a scheduling feature for live video creators so they can notify their audience in advance. The company will let you schedule a session 90 days before the event, and notify viewers when it’s created.

Facebook and YouTube have offered this feature for many years now, and TikTok rolled it out last year with its new set of creator tools.


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