Intisal Al-Tamimi apologizes to Yousra and accepts her: I did not mean to harass her | news


The director of the El Gouna Festival, Antal Al-Tamimi, apologized to the artist, Yousra, after the misunderstanding that erupted between them a few days ago.

At the press conference to announce the details of the fifth edition of the El Gouna Festival, Enchel said: “I cherish the friendship of Yousra, who is a great artist.

He continued: I apologize deeply, I did not mean to disturb her, what I meant is that she is one of the most important artists of all generations, this is a mistake and I apologize for it.

The director of the El Gouna Film Festival had talked about the reason for not honoring the artist, Yousra, as one of the most prominent and influential artists over generations, not just one, and attributed the reason to that being on the Higher Advisory Committee of the El Gouna Festival.

On her official Facebook page, Yousra wrote, “It is normal for festivals to indicate their plan to honor the artists they would like to honor, and to clarify the reasons for their choices for the honored personalities, but what I find strange, and has not happened before in any international or local festival, is to refer to people whom the festival will not be able to honor!”

Yousra explained, “This justification raises many question marks about the festival’s criteria for choosing the works of the filmmakers who are members of the committee, as the festival had previously chosen a film for the committee’s colleague and dear friend Hend Sabry, whom I am very proud of, and she also won the acting award, and they are all great and right choices, but I remind you in general not to choose anyone from the Supreme Advisory Committee, and with the same reasoning, the festival will not display any works by these filmmakers despite their importance!”

Yousra concluded, “I refuse to put my name in a wrong and completely unnecessary context, which led to this unacceptable and unacceptable contradiction. Note that many negative attitudes were repeated with me and others in the committee, which I did not stop at, in the context of my pride in the El Gouna Festival and my support for it from the first day But your last mistake cannot be tolerated, and it is totally rejected. This is my message to clarify my position on this dialogue attributed to you, and I am confident in the ability of those responsible for the festival to realize the extent of the error in it.

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