Iraq’s 2021 elections: What are the implications of the Sadrist movement’s release of early election results? – Arabic newspapers


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Iraq elections 2021

picture released, AHMAD AL-RUBAYE

Arab newspapers highlighted the preliminary results of the early legislative elections, which were issued by the Sadrist movement.

The Al-Fateh Alliance, which represents the Popular Mobilization, recorded a significant decline in the new parliament, according to preliminary results.

Iraqi parties announced their intention to challenge the results of the early legislative elections, denouncing the occurrence of “manipulation” and “fraud”.

Hopes ‘largely dashed’

Sami Al-Zubaidi says in the Iraqi era: “The Iraqis are divided into two groups. The first – and they are a few – believe that these elections will bring about change, even if it is in the minimum limits. It is better than nothing, that is, better than the same old faces remaining dominating the political scene in the country. This section has passed away. A limited change that has no effect on the political process, and the presence of small numbers of twenty to thirty new members of the Tishreen, civilians and independents in the House of Representatives, cannot make major changes in anything. The influential parties and blocs will remain the ones who achieve the largest bloc, and thus the government will be formed.

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