“It is risky” .. FIFA refuses to amend the regulation


The Egyptian Football Association announced that FIFA refused to amend the statutes less than 3 months before the end of the mandate of the normalization committee in charge of managing the Gabala.

And in an official statement to the Egyptian Football Association, he said: “The FIFA refused to enter into the process of making amendments to the articles of association, less than three months before the end of the mandate of the normalization committee charged with managing it, stressing that it is a risky matter and does not comply with FIFA’s recent decision. regarding the extension of the commission’s mandate.

FIFA’s response came, at the request of a number of clubs, to make some amendments to the provisions of the regulations that were approved last November and approved by FIFA last June, and the Egyptian Federation, in turn, submitted these requests to the International Federation.

The International Federation’s response also stated a statement of the reasons for the futility of the proposals submitted regarding the amendments, and it dealt with this by responding to each of the amendment proposals in detail.

The FIFA response also specified that the committee would manage the upcoming electoral process and the General Assembly on the basis of the statutes of the Federation 2020 approved by FIFA, and the electoral regulations for the Egyptian Federation 2021.


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