Jala Hisham’s crying and Ahmed Kishk’s insistence… The heroes of the story “Without Guarantee” reveal the scenes of the work | Video


In today’s episode of the evening dmc program, Engy El-Qadi hosted the heroes of the story “Without Guarantee” from the series “Except I”. The meeting touched on the nature of their roles, and we summarize their statements in this part of the meeting in the following points:

(Hanadi Muhanna for the role of “Maryam”)

– I thank Hanan Suleiman because she was my mother in the series, and I have the honor that she was my mother and Professor Ahmed Badir Papaya

– The character of “Maryam” is the closest character to my heart, and I discovered after the series that many people have the problem of “Maryam”. She fell in love with Sharif, and after his wife’s life, his behavior was different.

– The role of “Maryam” is the sweetest role in my life, and I thank director Yasmine Ahmed Kamel, and author Youssef Wajih

(Islam Jamal, for the role of “Sharif”)

Sharif was raised in such a way that he had everything for a fee

Sharif was hurting those around him, and his life partner in particular, but I couldn’t hate him

(Director Yasmine Ahmed Kamel, for the role of Jala Hisham, “Hadeer”)

– The character of Jala Hisham is a victim. The balance in the Egyptian house is wrong, and mothers raise six men, and spoil the man so that he can do what he wants

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– I was very afraid of the role of “Roar” and her lips were evil, and I was afraid of anyone who is strangled in a role like this talking to me

– In the last scene and the collapse, the director shut up the whole situation, and Professor Yasmine prepared me for the scene, and Islam Jamal provoked me, and Hanadi said the words in a way that made me collapse, and Professor Salwa was making me cry.

(Ahmed Kishk)

– The role of “Issam” about a neglected person, who is the king of hangers and arguments

– Someone nominated me for the role of director, and she opposed my candidacy at first

– I went to a meeting with the director and did everything to make me walk, and I decided to take the role

(Director: Yasmine Ahmed Kamel)

– I really pressured Ahmed Kishk, because I saw such a thing for him, and I felt that he would not benefit me in the role

– The role of “Issam” is 3 actors in some, and I wanted to make sure


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