Karim Kassem to “Fi El Fan”: The audience’s comments on my appearance at the opening of El Gouna Film Festival made me laugh, and this is the fate of “Wlad Rizk 3” | news


The artist Karim Kassem is keen to attend the activities of the El Gouna Film Festival and to watch the films and lectures that are presented.

Karim Kassem drew attention at the opening ceremony of the fifth session of the El Gouna Film Festival by appearing in a different suit. FilFan.com met with Karim Kassem, who told us about the festival, its appearance and its newness in cinema and television during the coming period.

Here are his most prominent statements:

– I have a list of films that I watch at the festival. I love short films, and there is the movie “The Zaatari Captains” and other films that I liked. The Saudi short film I liked very much. Saudi cinema is coming strong.

– I attended my suit at the opening of the El Gouna Festival 10 days before it. I have a special shape that I love and colors that I like, such as shades of blue, and this year I decided to appear different and not be traditional, and for the first time in my life the comments are two-way, people who like my look a lot my friends called me and asked me About her, and there are those who mocked my appearance, some comments made me laugh and there were comments that were bullying, but in the end my decision was that I would be happy and nothing affected me, and in the end I would try something different and decided after this suit to appear crazy.

My new series, “Dark World,” every story is shown in one episode, and this is a great idea. I felt that I presented a short film, the duration of the episode is 38 minutes, and the series revolves around one idea, the dark side of relationships, and it is scheduled to be shown soon. I think my episode will be shown in December.

– The series “Dark World”, 5 episodes of it were filmed in the Emirates and 3 episodes here in Egypt, including the two episodes of me and Salma Abu Deif, and there is an episode that combines Nelly Karim and Iyad Nassar, and an episode that brings together Ahmed Daoud and Basant Shawky.

-Short series are great, this is a solution to the idea that the author has to tell the story in 45 or 30 episodes, which she cannot bear, and contributed to making more space for stories that need to be shown in short episodes, and the level of writing became better.

– The movie “Leisure Time 2” and “Welad Rizk 3” we had started preparing for them, but the Corona virus came to disrupt everything, for example, the movie “Welad Rizk 3” is huge and needs a high cost, so we will not be able to put it in cinema conditions that only work with 50% of its strength, As for the movie “Free Time 2”, we had a little delay, but now there is talk of the return of work on the film.

– I produced the movie “The Hole” because I love short films and at every festival I love to watch them. It is a challenge to tell a story in a very short time, and in the year of Corona there was no work, so we thought about producing the movie, its duration is a quarter of an hour and its events revolve between two people playing a game and the development of events Between them, starring Sedky Sakhr and directed by Amr Abed.

– I would like to present a theatrical work, but the theater that I loved and learned at the university is classic theater, not comedy. The audience believes that theater is only improvisation and deviation from the script, but the theater that everyone forgot is that there is a script that we adhere to.

I have work in the cinema and for Ramadan 2022, but I have not contracted it yet. I took the vaccine and am not afraid now of filming as last year.

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