Karim Shehata: There is a tendency to cancel the penalty of Shikabala, and FIFA refused to register the youth of Zamalek


The media, Karim Hassan Shehata, revealed that there is a tendency within the settlement committee of the Olympic Committee to freeze the penalty of Mahmoud Abdel Razek Shikabala, player of Zamalek, which was announced by the Football Association to suspend him for 8 months before it was reduced to 8 matches.

Karim Hassan Shehata confirmed, in statements to the “Koora Everyday” program, that after communicating with a source inside the Settlement and Arbitration Center, he confirmed that if the player was not summoned to listen to his statements before announcing the penalty, this was considered a violation of the regulations and then the penalty was canceled and it was nothing.

He explained that the session, which was scheduled for the first day on Tuesday, was postponed to next Sunday, to provide Zamalek with evidence that the player was not summoned to be heard to make a decision.

Karim Hassan Shehata added that the Football Association received an official letter from the International Football Association stating that Zamalek youth were not exempted from the decision to prevent registration, and that the decision to prevent registration applies to all age groups, even if the youth contract was an amateur or a professional.


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