Khaled Junior Ajay is a guest of honor in Al-Ahly’s Maran.. Photos


The Nigerian Junior Ajay, the playmaker of Al-Ahly Club, was keen to take his son Khaled to the headquarters of the Red Castle on the island, where the team played its morning training at the Touch Stadium.

And Mahmoud Abdel Moneim Kahraba, the player of the red team, posted a picture with Khaled Ajay and commented, “Al-Asal Khaled.”

Kharba Vakhlad (1)
Kharba Vakhlad (1)

Kharba Vakhlad (2)
Kharba Vakhlad (2)

Al-Ahly club officials opened a line of communication during the past few days with Swiss lawyer Monterrey in order to know his opinion on the club’s position on the case of Nigerian Junior Ajay, the team’s player.

Al-Ahly wants to “fortify its position” legally and with the International Football Association “FIFA” after it came to his knowledge that the Nigerian player decided to file a complaint with Al-Ahly to obtain his full dues.

The past weeks witnessed a crisis between Al-Ahly and Ajay due to the player’s demand to obtain the value of the remaining season for him with Al-Ahly after the club’s decision to dispense with him and put him on the waiting list.

Ajay insisted on obtaining the value of the entire next season, which amounts to 900,000 dollars, while Al-Ahly offered only 400,000 dollars.

The dispute between Al-Ahly and the Nigerian player who moved to the Red Castle in the summer of 2016 from Tunisia’s Sfaxien escalated the crisis through the player who decided Al-Ahly’s complaint to FIFA, which prompted the Red Castle administration to open a line of communication with Monterrey, who specializes in Al-Ahly issues with FIFA, so that the club would immunize itself from any penalties that might be issued. against him in favor of the Nigerian player.


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