Klopp: We were taking advantage of the pause and Zidane’s absence to calm the Mainz players towards him.. They wanted to hit him once


German coach Jurgen Klopp spoke about his memories within the German club Mainz and the Egyptian striker, the team player at the time, Mohamed Zidane.

“The most difficult person I have dealt with at Mainz? Certainly he is Mohamed Zidane,” Jurgen Klopp said in comments highlighted by the German website Mainz.

He added, “We were meeting with the entire team at the time of Zidane’s presence with the Egyptian national team in order to talk and explain how to benefit from the player’s presence with us.”

“We were taking advantage of the session to calm the players towards him. There was complete conviction of his ability to score goals in matches.”

Klopp continued, “Zidane could have put shampoo on your body again after you finished showering and getting dressed. Some players wanted to hit him before, but I intervened to calm them down and succeeded in that.”


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