Kuwaiti artist Ismail Karam passed away


The Kuwaiti popular artist and former Yarmouk Football Club player Ismail Ali Karam passed away hours ago, after suffering with illness.

The late Abu Talal had started his artistic career since the sixties of the last century when he established the Habban band, and then he learned to play the oud instrument. He was successful and sang the most beautiful songs of the great artists. He is also considered one of the first singers who sang in the popular color, as he remained committed to it until the end of his artistic days.

The late is an authentic folk artist, adhering to the utmost with the Kuwaiti spoken, originality, and heritage. He mastered singing in many dialects. He was unique among his family members in taking the line of folk art, so he learned the oud at the hands of his friend and neighbor, the composer Muhammad Al-Ruwaished, on the song of the musician Muhammad Abdul Wahab “I am afraid I say what With my heart.” Then he sang for great artists such as Muhammad Abdo and Talal Maddah, until he created a band for himself, and became a star at weddings with “The Triple Wall”, he, sound engineer Salem Abbas, and the mighty popular artist Suleiman Al-Qassar.



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