Lamborghini Mohamed Ramadan returns from El Gouna on “Winch” – photos | news


The car of the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, appeared on a “winch” during its return to Cairo from El Gouna.

This comes after the artist Mohamed Ramadan attended the opening ceremony of the El Gouna Film Festival in its fifth session, and grabbed everyone’s attention with his luxury car, a Lamborghini “Aventador SVJ Roadster”, and a rare car, of which there are only 800 copies in the world, as he painted it with gold, and the price ranges from That car is between 8 and 9 million pounds.

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On the red carpet for the opening ceremony, Muhammad Ramadan wore a shiny golden jacket of squin material and sunglasses, and this is not the first time that Ramadan appears with such striking looks, he always blew his habit of wearing it and became part of his artistic personality.

Mohamed Ramadan presented a performance song during the opening ceremony called “Joe Girls” on the stage of the opening ceremony of the El Gouna Film Festival, with international music producer Red One, and Moroccan singer Noaman Belayashi, and commented on the revival of the After Party, which followed the celebration of the opening of the El Gouna Film Festival in its fifth session. .

And he published a video clip of the ceremony, through his account on the social networking site Instgram, while he sings his famous song “Number One”, amid the interaction of the audience, and he also exchanged peace with engineer Naguib Sawiris.

Muhammad Ramadan commented on the video, saying: “In the same place as the El Gouna fire, and in less than 48 hours, the place ignites for the second time, but with love, not with fire.”

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