Lazio defender reveals the secret of the “jumping” celebration of the Inter player


Brazilian Luis Felipe, Lazio defender, revealed the reason for his controversial celebration with his former colleague Joaquin Correa, the Inter player loaned from Lazio, after the end of the match with the team’s 3-1 victory over the Nerazzurri in the Italian League.

Luis Felipe was sent off after the final whistle, as he jumped on Correas shoulders from behind to celebrate the victory over Inter, his former teammate responded angrily and the referee showed the Brazilian defender a red card, who left the field in tears.

Felipe published a picture of him in Korea and commented on it, saying: “In the beginning, I would like to make it clear that I have great respect for Inter and any other club, we are all professionals and working to achieve our goals and we can never respect another professional.”

He added, “At the end of the match, I ended up jumping on the shoulders of Korea because he is one of the great friends that football has given me. He explained that our families are friends and we were always very close.”

“What I wanted was to hug him and joke about the result as much as our friendship would allow, but I was so excited. Maybe it wasn’t the right time or the right place.”

The 24-year-old concluded: “I apologize to anyone who feels offended and made it clear that I did not try in any way to disrespect him or disrespect the Inter players. It was an innocent act by someone with great affection for Korea. I love you brother.”


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