Learn about the frequency of the open channel that transmits the Al-Ahly match and the Niger champion


The first football team of Al-Ahly Club, led by South African Betso Mosimane, continues its preparations to face the National Guard, the champion of Niger, in the second leg of the 32nd round of the African Champions League, scheduled for 6 pm next Sunday, at Al Salam Stadium.

Ontime Sports Network announced the transfer of the expected match that will bring together the first football team of Al-Ahly Club and its counterpart the National Guard Club in the African Champions League competitions.

Koura 365 website shows you the frequency of the Ontime Sports channel, the exclusive carrier of the match:

The new frequency is “.. 11861, coding rate 27,500..” .

Channel frequency 11861

vertical polarization coefficient

Coding factor 27500

Error correction factor 6/5

Al-Ahly was tied in the first leg against the National Guard, the champion of Niger, which was held last Saturday in Niger, with a goal for each team, as Ali Maaloul advanced to Al-Ahly from a penalty kick, before the Niger champion scored the equalizer, and Al-Ahly needs to win any result or draw without goals, in order to qualify for the group stage of the African Champions League.


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