Learn how to cancel suggestions in Firefox


Firefox since version 93 has started offering a set of suggestions in the address bar, and the suggestions are based on your previous searches, according to aitnews.

The company also adds a set of paid suggestions or ads in these suggestions, and some users may be annoyed by these suggestions.

Steps to cancel suggestions in Firefox

These suggestions appear in the title bar in the image below, and are under their own section called FireFox Suggest.

You can cancel these suggestions by following these steps:

Head to the Firefox browser and then click on the Settings tab, and then head to the browser settings.

When the settings page appears, click on the Privacy and Security tab from the left side of the screen.

After that, head to the Firefox Suggestions and Address bar section, and here you will find a selection of special suggestions for suggestions.

You can choose the sources of suggestions that appear to you in your address bar, and these choices include:

Browsing history and previously visited sites.

History of bookmarks stored in the browser.

Previously opened pages and tabs.

Shortcuts that you have saved in the browser.

Suggestions via search engines

Suggestions by context, below which you will find a choice of proposals funded by companies and clients.

And you can activate any option you want from among the options displayed, where you can activate suggestions from browsing history or search sites only without the funded or private suggestions.

New features in the browser

The company launched version 92 of the browser in the latest update, and the update included a set of new features that improve the use of the browser.

The company added a feature to upgrade the HTTPs protocol, as there was a problem recently with the upgrade to the new version of the protocol.

Firefox can now display entire color tones in videos played through the browser’s video players.

Mac users can now access sharing options directly through the browser, without the need to download images or clips.

The browser supports display of ICC v4 format images across Mac systems, and the company has added support for text reading aloud.


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