Lebanese Foreign Minister: We want rapprochement with Saudi Arabia, but it does not want that


Lebanese Foreign Minister: We want rapprochement with Saudi Arabia, but it does not want that



Lebanese Foreign Minister Abdullah Bouhabib

Lebanese Foreign Minister Abdullah Bou Habib expressed his country’s interest in strengthening rapprochement with Saudi Arabia, noting that the Saudi authorities do not express the desire to do so.

In an interview with Al-Jadeed channel, Bu Habib said: “We want rapprochement with Saudi Arabia, but they (the Saudis) do not want that.”

He added, “Saudi Arabia considers the relationship with Lebanon regional, and I am ready to visit the Kingdom at any time, but there is no trick in the hand.”

He pointed out that there is dealing with Syria on the energy level, and he has no problem in visiting Damascus, stressing that he will conduct this visit if Lebanon’s interest requires it.

Regarding the Lebanese-Iranian relations, he said: “We have good relations with Iran and we continue to improve them, and the statements of Iranian Foreign Minister Hussein Amir Abdollahian from the Foreign Ministry’s platform expressed the Iranian policy toward Lebanon.”

He continued, “I am proud that we are a platform for everyone, and if an American or Saudi minister comes, everyone is welcome.”

He pointed out that the nuclear negotiations have an impact on Lebanon, and the talks between Iran and Saudi Arabia will reflect positively on his country.

Source: “The New”

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