Luxor Museum organizes a lecture on “Mental Health: Between Reality and Hope”


Organized Luxor Museum of Ancient Egyptian Art A lecture on “Mental Health: Between Reality and Hope” on the occasion of World Mental Health Day. The lecture was delivered by Dr. Lubna Abdo Abdel-Hakim is a doctor of educational psychology, which targeted different groups of young people, men and women.

The lecture included several points, the most important of which are: _ The concept of mental health. _ Objectives of the World Mental Health Day. _ Factors for improving mental health and ways to take care of them Facts about mental health, early diagnosis of mental illness and how to deal with it.

An open panel discussion was held on mental health that dealt with several topics, including bullying, depression, suicide, mental disorder, turmoil, psychological pressure, domestic violence, self-confidence, psychological satisfaction and positive education, with interaction for the attendees and a presentation of some of the problems they face.


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