Macron was the first French president to acknowledge the police massacre of Algerian protesters in Paris 60 years ago


Emmanuel Macron

picture released, Reuters

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Macron condemned the killing of dozens of Algerians in Paris by the police, after decades of preventing this issue from being addressed

Emmanuel Macron became the first French president to admit that the French police had committed crimes against Algerians 60 years ago, when they brutally dispersed Algerian demonstrators in Paris, killing dozens.

On Saturday, Macron condemned the Paris police’s deadly crackdown on a 1961 Algerian protest, events that had been off-limits in France for decades.

Macron joined the commemoration of the crime near the bridge over the Seine, which was the starting point for a march in 1961 against a nighttime curfew imposed only on Algerians in Paris.

Macron, the first French president to attend a memorial service for the dead, observed a minute’s silence at the Beasons Bridge on the Seine in the Paris suburbs where the protests began.

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