Mahira Abdel Aziz criticizes the management of the El Gouna Film Festival for this reason


The Emirati media crossed Mahira Abdulaziz She expressed her anger towards the management of the El Gouna Film Festival in its fifth session, after ignoring its presentation during the announcement of the opening ceremony song, in which she participated with artist Mohamed Ramadan, Red One and Nouman Belayashi.

Mahira Abdel Aziz said that the presentation of the opening ceremony song witnessed the presentation of Muhammad Ramadan only, while ignoring his partners in the song; Red One and Noaman Belaiachi, along with the heroines of the song review.

Mahira Abdel Aziz indicated in statements to the ET Arabic program that not presenting her on the stage as a guest within the purpose of the song made her appear to the media as one of the dancers participating in the show on the stage.

And she continued, “I am upset and upset, because it spreads as if I am among the dancers, and this is not true.” She pointed out that the media, Nardine Farag, presenter of the opening ceremony of the El Gouna Festival, contacted her and confirmed that she was not aware of her presence among the participants in the review and that she was reading the names presented to her by the festival’s organizing team.

Mahira Abdel Aziz criticized what happened, noting that Muhammad Ramadan was not alone, but the song had 3 names, and each of them stood next to one of the singers. He is the owner of the lyrical project in which Mohamed Ramadan and Noaman Belayachi participated.

She confirmed that Red One’s wife apologized to her after what happened during the opening ceremony because she put her in that director position, noting at the same time that she did not blame her for ignoring Muhammad Ramadan, thanking his partners in the song, because they were ignored from the beginning when the paragraph was presented.


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