Mahmoud Shabana: I was surprised to stop the restriction, and I hope to help Zamalek to loan me in January


Mahmoud Shabana, the player of Zamalek, confirmed that he was surprised to stop the restriction inside Al-Obeid, and said: We were surprised by the suspension of Zamalek for two periods. Closing the entry in two hours made the deal not take place.”

Shabana added, in televised statements: “I will be with Zamalek until next January, there are not many matches until the winter transfers. I will continue with the team and I will train, and I hope Zamalek will help me out on loan in January. What happened will make me outside the team in the Arab Cup.”

In a related context, Hussein Labib, head of the committee in charge of running the Zamalek club, confirmed that the Sports Court rejected the appeal submitted by the Zamalek Club to raise the penalty for stopping the registration for two periods, during the hearing that was held this afternoon.

Labib added, in exclusive statements to “The Seventh Day”, that the penalty for suspending Zamalek’s registration for two periods was supported, according to the penalty imposed on the club because of the player Hossam Ashraf.

On January 13, the International Federation asked Zamalek to respond to the complaint at a maximum of February 3, 2021, and Zamalek was given a two-week period to respond before transferring the case to the Dispute Resolution Committee. You will not consider any letters after that.

The surprise came that Zamalek did not send any response to the International Federation, and the file was transferred to the Dispute Resolution Committee, which issued a decision to suspend Hossam Ashraf for 4 months, and fine Zamalek 4 million euros, because the player’s contract with the academy stipulates the payment of 4 million euros in case of termination of the first season. of the contract.

Zamalek obtained a deadline to request the rationale and respond with an appeal after the decision, and the International Federation warned that if the merits were not requested, Zamalek would lose its right to appeal, which is what happened, as Zamalek did not request the merits of the ruling and did not send an appeal to the Dispute Resolution Committee so that a final ruling was issued preventing Zamalek from registering for two periods. and fined 4 million euros.

Zamalek officials contacted the academy in Cameroon and made a settlement by paying 100,000 euros in advance and the same amount after the official end of the crisis in FIFA, but the surprise was that the International Federation did not accept the settlement due to exceeding the specified response periods, as well as not asking for the merits of the referee, and FIFA did not recognize the settlement and transferred The matter is to the International Court of Sport “CAS”.


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