Mahmoud Shabanas agent talks about… the reason why the player’s loan to the name failed


Ahmed Kanoo, the agent of Zamalek player, Mahmoud Shabana, spoke about the reason for the failure of negotiations to include his client in the ranks of Ismaili on loan during the last summer transfers, after the decision was issued to stop Zamalek from being registered.

Kano said, in statements to the third audience program on On Time Sports: “The ruling regarding the registration in Zamalek was issued late, we learned about it at five in the afternoon, Zamalek had hope that the ruling would be in his favour, as well as the player who was welcome and happy to be present. In Zamalek, it ends with the Zamalek club in a large way, and after we knew the decision to stop the registration, we moved, so we had 7 hours to find out where the player would go on loan. physical.”

Shabana’s agent continued: “I contacted Ismaili officials, then Yahya Al-Koumi, the former club president and the presidential candidate in the upcoming elections, intervened and announced that he would bear a large part of the deal for the Zamalek club and the player’s contract, but we did not reach a solution that satisfies all parties, Zamalek and Mahmoud Shabana, and then we reached an agreement when It was eleven in the evening and it was not easy and in the end it was not done, Shabana was sticking to the Ismaili, and we saw nothing but cooperation from them, and the problem was in the difference in the material interview that Shabana would receive. Shabanas salary.

And the agent of the Zamalek player went on: “Yahya El-Koumi returned and said that the Ismaili will bear the bulk of the deal, not him. Then we reached an agreement, but it was late, and I should have finished the matter at exactly eight in the evening until a representative from the Ismaili moved to us, and we did not catch up.”

Kanoo concluded his statements by saying: “So far, the Ismaili issue is still in force after the team coach, Talaat Youssef, adhered to the player, as well as the player’s adherence to the club. We will return to Zamalek again and I will talk to his officials on Sunday, and I expect that the matter will be completed and Shabana will be in Ismaily.

Zamalek club had signed Aswan defender Mahmoud Shabana to be the second deal for the white team during the summer transfer period, for more details. Press here


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