Merkel expects to “sleep well” under Schulz’s government


Merkel expects to


German Chancellor Angela Merkel – archive

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has given her confidence to the likely new coalition government, saying she expects it to “sleep well” after it is succeeded by Social Democrat Olaf Scholz.

When asked by Sueddeutsche how she felt about a Social Democrat taking charge of the country, she replied: “Of course there will be political differences, but I will be able to sleep well.”

“I don’t expect major shifts in fiscal policy under the Schulz administration, and in a country that boasts a tight budget,” she added.

Merkel is leaving politics after 16 years at the helm of her country, while the Christian Democratic Union and Christian Social Union (CDU) coalition faces a transition to the opposition after achieving its worst results in last month’s general elections.

The Social Democratic Party is negotiating with the Liberals and the Greens to form a new coalition, with the aim of bringing Finance Minister Schulz to the presidency of the chancellery in early December.

Merkel will take over the caretaker until a new government is formed.

Source: “AFP”

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