Meryem Uzerli crosses the red lines.. naked in the bathtub


The name of the Turkish actress is issuedMeryem UzerliSearch engines after publishing a very bold image through the story feature through their own account on the social networking site.

Maryam shocked the followers, as she appeared sitting in the bathtub, completely naked, with a completely spontaneous look, with a spontaneous smile and putting some effects on the pictures, such as a duck symbol and a mask on the face. She also commented revealing that she is in Berlin, the capital of Germany, where she has recently settled.
And Turkish media reported recently that Maryam Uzerli had contracted to star in a new series that is scheduled to be filmed next year, specifically in the month of April, but it is not yet known the nature of her role.
On the other hand, Maryam Uzerli recently surprised her followers with a photo session that she published on her personal page on the social networking site.


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