Microsoft shuts down LinkedIn in China.. find out why


Social media platforms – which are very popular – around the world are known not to work in China, be it Facebook, Twitter or Messenger, as none of them are allowed to operate in China.

Although LinkedIn is the only major social media platform that hasn’t been banned in China, Microsoft announced that it would be closing it in China, and in a company post, it said: “It faces a significantly more challenging operating environment and greater compliance requirements in China. Given that, we have taken a decision to scrap the current local version of LinkedIn, which is how people in China access the global social media platform LinkedIn, later this year.”

An earlier report by the Wall Street Journal said that the Chinese internet regulator has asked Microsoft to better edit its content, and LinkedIn has banned some American journalists in China, while academics and researchers have also complained about their accounts being banned. China has long been cracking down on big tech companies, Companies like Facebook and Google have almost no presence in the country, while Apple is one of the few US tech companies that still has a large presence in China.

Microsoft won’t be completely out of China as the company said its new strategy will focus on “helping professionals based in China find jobs in China and Chinese companies find good candidates.”


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