Mohamed Fadl: The Clubs Association is a “committee”, not a league, and I apologized for it because of my upcoming work


Mohamed Fadl, a former member of the Five-Year Committee, revealed the reason for his apology for joining the Professional Clubs Association, after clubs nominated him, El Gouna, El Mokawloon and Al Ahly Bank.

Fadl said, in statements to the “Awd Al-Talatha” program on Ontime Sport 2: “I received a call from Major General Ashraf Nassar, head of the National Bank, and I thought he would ask about the association, but he asked me to nominate me for the association, and then Engineer Mohsen Salah, head of contractors, who is like Father, I consult him on everything.

He added: My next work will conflict with the League, and therefore I apologized for the nominations, after the clubs that nominated me asked permission, and the one currently held under the name of the Association is in fact a committee and not a League according to the list.

He continued: When we decided to put in place a list after assigning FIFA, we put the League in the new list, but it was not published in the Official Gazette, so we work with the old list and according to that list, it is a committee and not a League; Because it cannot open an independent financial account, the association must have an independent financial account and a stable headquarters in order to make its decisions, but this does not exist.

He concluded: The most dangerous role of the League is the financial control of the clubs, your revenues must always be higher than your expenses, and in the case of the opposite, the League intervenes to protect the rights of players, and the Egyptian League can be marketed at very special prices in various Arab countries.


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