Mohamed Lotfy joins the heroes of the movie “Uncle” with Mohamed Imam


The artist, Mohamed Lotfy, joined the heroes of the movie “Uncle” starring the artist Mohamed Adel Imam, written by Wissam Sabry, directed by Hussein Al-Manbawi, and co-starring Sayed Ragab, and the two artists Hoda Al-Mufti and Aiten Amer, who came instead of Amina Khalil and Rehab Al-Jamal.

The producer uses a team from a European country to design action scenes that rely on some graphic scenes that require a high production cost. The film records the second cooperation between Muhammad Imam and director Hussein Al-Manbawi, after they presented together the movie “Leilat Hana and Sorour” in 2018, and co-starring Yasmine Sabry, Farouk El-Fishawy, Bayoumi Fouad, Rehab El-Gamal, Mohamed Salam, and world wrestling player Karam Gaber, written by Mostafa Saqr and Mohamed Ezz El-Din, directed by Hussein El-Manbawy, and its events revolve within an action-comedy framework..

And the last films of Muhammad Imam were, “The Thief of Baghdad” and co-starring Fathi Abdel Wahab, Yasmine Rais, Amina Khalil, Muhammad Abdel Rahman Tota, Saad Al-Mukhtar and the guest of honor Ahmed Rizk and Bayoumi Fouad, and the film was written by Tamer Ibrahim, and directed by Ahmed Khaled Moussa..


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