Mohamed Ramadan responds from El Gouna to Amr Adib’s attack (video) | news


The artist, Mohamed Ramadan, responded to the media, Amr Adib, after he attacked him on his “Al-Hekaya” program, after the electricity was cut off on him while he was on stage at the opening ceremony of the El Gouna Film Festival.

Muhammad Ramadan published a video, through his personal account on the social networking site Instgram, using the words of Amr Adib in his program, as he commented on what happened with Muhammad Ramadan, and a clip appeared in the video that Bouquet of Roses received from Bushra.

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Muhammad Ramadan put a sarcastic song on the video, the words of which say: “What is your name, Shatour, my name is Amour, how old are you, Amour, 5 and 3 months, and where do you study … in kindergarten?”

And Amr Adib said in his program “Al-Hekaya”: “The festival management every year has a festival song in the first year of 3 beats that broke the world. Last year, it was in Ramy Ayyash and Tamer Hosni. This year, without a clear reason, they decided to make the concert song, Mohamed Ramadan.”

Adeeb continued, “A very strange thing happened at the beginning of the party. They asked Yousra and Samih Sawiris to say two words about the party. At the end, the virtuous announcer came and said, and the last thing we have at the party is the artist Mohamed Ramadan and I walked.”

Adeeb added, “Mohamed Ramadan came with him two singers whose name is stronger than his name in singing a hundred times, he is stronger in acting, and before that along with the announcer, Talaat Yousra and Samih, to present Ramadan, and they don’t know.”

Amr Adib went on to say, “Suddenly, Ramadan entered and sang the song Joe Al Banat, which has nothing to do with the festival, and it was clear that it was a show that worked quickly, so it was not good. The song was 3 minutes away, it had nothing to do with anything. Right, no one understands

Amr Adib was also surprised again by the way Muhammad Ramadan was presented and the light was turned off after 10 seconds and asked, “If you don’t want to bring him, why?”

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